About Our Team

A Truly Global Managed Service Provider

Sequenza represents a new breed of technology consultants and MSPs.  We are a global network of project managers, engineers, installers and support technologists, serving companies around the world.  We offer expertly delivered services, deployed and managed through a tested and tuned 24x7x365 operations and monitoring infrastructure.

Our Teams

Our teams are comprised of subject matter experts — men and women who bring not only the certifications you expect but also the deep experience you need in order to implement what works for your business in the real world.  We do not carry just textbook certifications.  We have earned our expertise through the implementation and application of technologies in real business environments. We meet have solved business IT needs and worked through small and large scale integration and operations challenges.  Our team is credentialed in the areas that add real value to your initiatives:  project management, network security, infrastructure management and configuration, server operating systems, and database administration.